While condominium rentals are certainly not a new phenomenon, their popularity has grown in recent years as families and other vacationers have become more budget-conscious. Once considered a luxury compared to a hotel or motel room, condos have become perfect examples of true vacation bargains, and the Myrtle Beach area has long been a hotspot for condo renters.

Consider, for example, that an oceanfront king bedroom at most of Myrtle Beach's nicer hotels will run somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,500-$1,800 for a peak summertime Myrtle Beach vacation week. Not bad, but that room only sleeps two comfortably and you'll need to eat any meal that can't be microwaved or stored in a mini-fridge out at a restaurant. Again, not always a bad thing, but when you’re talking about making things affordable, fixing breakfast and lunch at home (and even a family dinner or two) can be a big help.

By contrast, a two- to three-bedroom Myrtle Beach area condo in Garden City Beach or Surfside Beach typically costs about the same and can accommodate your entire family (or as many as ten friends!) Better yet, the vast majority of our vacation condos come complete with a fully-equipped kitchen, giving you the option of eating out or dining in as the mood (or budget) strikes.

Perhaps the best feature, however, is our location. Both Garden City Beach and Surfside Beach are known for their uncrowded, family-friendly atmosphere, but both are located just minutes from all the attractions, amusements, shows and restaurants that have made Myrtle Beach “America’s Beach Playground.” It’s also important not to forget that our number one attraction, the beautiful Atlantic Ocean, remains absolutely free.